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AI Football Predictions

Free Football Tips and Predictions

AI Football Predictions publishes free football tips and predictions to help you win at sports betting

We use artificial intelligence and categorise our soccer tips into two winning betting systems

  1. Today's Football Predictions
  2. Best Football Predictions

In collaboration with Football in Cider we are using the latest technology to create a neural network specifically aimed to predict football matches.

Our number one purpose is to become the best football prediction website the world has ever seen. To achieve this, we aim to predict football matches better than anyone else. How? By using our extensive experience in Artificial Intelligence Technology that dates back to 1990, by using our statistical analysis skills that underpin our algorithms and by working harder at it than anyone else.

Today's Football Predictions

Free Football Tips and Predictions for all soccer leagues

Today's Football Predictions are all of our predictions for today's and tomorrow's games made using our neural network. We publish these regardless of the probability. We cover most leagues from around the world

Whilst we strive to make these predictions the mosgt accurate predictions in the world, we wouldnt recommend basing your betting system on these without applying further analysis. If you do waqnt to bet without do any work, then that's where our Best Football Predictions come in!

Best Football Predictions

Best Football Tips and Predictions

Best Football Predictions are predictions specially selected to make money from sports betting. They will have a high probability and are restricted to certain football leagues.

These predictions should make money if you constantly bet on them with the same stake. Check out the recent Best Football Predictions Results page to see how we are going. Bare in mind that we will be changing the algorithm frequently to try out different techniques.