AI Football Predictions

Sports Predictions FAQ

How Does AI Football Predictions Predict Matches?

AI Football Predictions uses a neural network that creates logic by learning from thousands of previous games.

Where Are Your Predictions Created?

Good Question! We do not create the sports predictions ourselves. We have asked Football in Cider who make some of the best and most accurate football predictions to create them for us. Football in Cider has the necessary, most up to date sports data and processing power capabilities to run the complex AI algorithms.

Does Football in Cider Offer The Same Predictions?

No. The predictions on AIFootballPredictions are exclusive to our site. You can not get these predictions from anyone else.

How Often Do You Make Predictions?

Currently we update our predictions once a day.

Is The Best Prediction Site?

We don't honestly know, however, we do keep a record of all our tips and predictions. Not many sites offer this and you have to ask why. At least with AIFootballPredictions you can quickly see how well it makes predictions and how likely they are to come true.

Which Sports Do You Predict?

We currently make predictions for football (as in soccer), rugby league, rugby union, basketball, AFL and american football.

Is Your Prediction Algorithm Final & Stable?

Definitely not! We are still in the early stages and will be making tweaks left, right $ centre. However, we aim to quickly get to a point where we can leave it alone to win all by itself.tself.

Which Leagues & Competitions Do You Predict?

Too many to list here, but essentially it will be the same competitions that Football in Cider list on their website.